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West Palm Beach AC Repair

There’s nothing like the warm months in Florida. The air outside can feel like a wet slap to the face, and just setting foot outdoors is enough to drench you in a layer of sweat. Time to turn on the air conditioner, that wonderful human invention. The fan is blowing, but the air inside the house feels only slightly cooler and drier than the air outside. Is it broken? Do you need to call for AC repair in West Palm Beach?

Where Is The Cold Air?

Sometimes a dirty filter is the culprit behind a unit that won’t cool down your home. That is especially true if you live in a dusty area, or if you have pets whose hair can build up and clog the air filter.

If your air filters are clean and you still experience deficient cooling, then inspect the unit to determine if you need air conditioning repair. Make sure the outdoor AC unit is free of dirt and debris like leaves, plastic detritus, mud, and other contaminants that block the free flow of air to the unit. Any one of those can cause a problem with the ability of the AC unit to cool your home, but are easily fixable and don’t require an AC repair professional.

If, however, you have made sure that all external factors that could keep the unit from cooling properly have been removed and the air is still not getting cold, then it is time to call for air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach. The three primary components responsible for the function of your air conditioning unit are the evaporator coil, the compressor, and the condenser coil. A problem with any one of these requires the attention of a qualified person in AC repair in West Palm Beach and is not serviceable by the consumer. If any of the coils have frozen, you see leaking fluids, or you see icing anywhere on the unit, that is another sure sign that you need air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach.

What Do I Do Now?

In the meantime, while waiting for repair, turn off your air conditioner. In particular, turn your unit off if you noticed icing anywhere on the unit because you will do more damage to the system if you try to keep running it. Fortunately, AC repair in West Palm Beach is a thriving business and there are professionals who are ready and willing to help you with all your air conditioning repair needs in West Palm Beach.

Get AC Repair In West Palm Beach, South Florida With Aztil

Aztil Air Conditioning is the premier company for AC repair in West Palm Beach. A family-owned and operated Aztil Air Conditioning, the customer is part of the family. We provide each of our valued customers with unlimited service calls, and we never charge any extra fees, even if it is after hours, on a holiday, or on a weekend.

Don’t hesitate to call Aztil Air Conditioning at 888-729-8452 if you need air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, South Florida. You have questions about AC repair in West Palm Beach, then we are ready to answer them.


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the issue. AC repair West Palm Beach may take less than thirty minutes for a simple problem, while some major repairs like refrigerant leaks may take a few hours to address.

An extensive air conditioning repair West Palm Beach, such as replacing the entire unit, may take a few days. This usually happens due to the unavailability of replacement components.

When considering the price of air conditioning service West Palm Beach, it all depends on the complexity of the problem. Repairs can range anywhere from $100 all the way to $1000. For instance, a drain clog is a simple fix and will only cost $100 while repairing a circuit board can cost as high as $900, depending on the severity of the issue.

An AC repair service West is worth it for the most part, but in some cases it makes more financial sense to simply replace the unit. If your unit is over a decade old (in other words, reaching the end of its lifespan) and is not energy efficient, the replacement cost is worth it for the lower energy bills alone. Make sure to speak with an HVAC company to receive an estimate of repairs and replacement, so that you can make an informed decision.

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