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Heater Maintenance West Palm Beach

Heater maintenance is the last thing on anyone’s priority list, especially when it seems to be working just fine, or at least it was until the last season. This laidback attitude is where all the trouble starts. “Seems fine” and being “actually fine” are two very different things. Thankfully, the professionals at Aztil Air Conditioning are there to ensure that everything is indeed fair and square with your heating system with its top-notch Heater Maintenance Service.

Importance Of Heater Maintenance

On a cold day, the last thing you would want is a heating system that does not work properly. But as a property owner, you have no way to ensure the system’s reliability. The best you can do is ask the experts to check the unit thoroughly. The inspection will highlight all the problem areas, most of which will still be in their early stages (if you stick to a strict annual heater maintenance routine) and require minimal management. By the time these checks and system tune-up are complete, you will have a heater on which you can rely throughout the cold season.

Purposes Served By Heater Maintenance

Exemplary heater maintenance service by Aztil Air Conditioning serves the following purposes:
1. Protects the equipment and extends its life expectancy.
2. Increases the efficiency of the heater and brings in energy savings.
3. Saves you from expensive heater repairs.
4. Gives you a dependable system that adds to your comfort and gives you much-needed peace of mind.

Aztil Air Conditioning’s Heater Maintenance Checklist

Since we have been providing heater maintenance service in South Florida for a long time now, we have it down as a routine job. Here are some of the main activities that find a place on our checklist:

1. Airflow – Your home or office will warm up only if the airflow is free of any impediments. Our technicians will replace the clogged air filter and make other necessary adjustments to ensure just that.
2. Gas Line – With a heater or a furnace, one has to be on the lookout for leaks in the gas line. Our technicians inspect it to confirm your unit’s gas line is intact and shows no signs of deterioration.
3. Burners – Dirty burners impact the heating system’s efficiency, making it difficult for it to heat the place adequately. So, our team works to clean them. There’s no need for you to compromise on your comfort.
4. Heat Exchanger – A heat exchanger is probably one of the most vital components of a heating system. A cracked exchanger can become a serious threat to your safety and also to that of others occupying the structure. We ensure your heat exchanger is in good condition and let you know if it requires any additional care.
5. Safety Controls – Every heating system has in-built safety control. They are in place to guarantee your safety and that of the equipment as well. We check that all these controls are responding fine and working as they should.
6. Electrical Connections – Loose wiring is often the cause of system breakdowns, burning smells, and component failure. We check the complete wiring to make sure that you don’t have to suffer from any of these repercussions.
7. Belt – The heater’s belt is inspected for signs of cracking and fraying. If required, it will be replaced.
8. Cleaning And Lubrication – The complete heating unit is given a thorough cleaning, and all mechanical parts are lubricated where required.

Heating Systems We Tune

1. Heat pumps
2. Boilers
3. Furnaces

Why Aztil Air Conditioning For Heater Maintenance?

1. Our technicians are trained, certified, and experienced.
2. We provide 24/7 emergency services.
3. Our services are top quality with a pocket-friendly price tag.
4. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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