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Rheem Air Conditioner Service West Palm Beach

Rheem air conditioners are among the most efficient, affordable and durable products on the market. Rheem has a long history of quality. The company was established in the mid-1920s. The firm entered the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) market in the 1960s and earned a reputation for innovation.

Because today’s homes are designed for maximum energy efficiency, Rheem has product solutions that are ideal for total home comfort. Central air conditioners are just one of the product lines that Rheem offers homeowners. The air conditioning company makes a variety of different sizes, and all of the units are rated according to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The SEER numbers are used across the industry and make it easy for consumers to compare different brands.

Prestige Series: 2-Stage Serial Communicating

The Prestige Series of central air conditioners are designed for maximum efficiency and can communicate with all of the home’s HVAC components. The Serial Communication feature enables the machines to offer automatic diagnostics and ensure maximum efficiency. The units have a SEER rating that goes up to 19.5. The Prestige units are ideal for single family, multi-family and small commercial establishments. The units continue the Rheem tradition of high efficiency and help homeowners lower their utility bills. An advanced refrigerant is used to cool the air and reduce environmental impact. The housing is designed for maximum longevity, and Rheem tests all of its models with 1000 hours of salt spray.

Prestige Series: 2-Stage

The Prestige Series 2-Stage is designed for maximum performance. These units come with a SEER rating that is up to 18.5. Two compressors provide efficient cooling and ensure that homes are kept comfortable during the hottest weather. The Prestige Series also relies on the Comfort Control System. This is an on-board diagnostics computer that continually checks on the system. The Prestige Series of central air conditioners are designed for quiet service and feature low profile housing. The finished units are only 33 inches tall. This leaves plenty of room for maintenance and access.

Prestige Series: Single Stage

Rheem designed the Prestige Series Single Stage air conditioners for affordability and efficiency. The units offer SEER ratings that are as high as 16.0. An alternative refrigerant is used, and there are no harmful substances in the Rheem air conditioner Prestige Series. The units also offer steady diagnostics, and an onboard computer provides continual monitoring. The exterior housing is designed for durability, and the galvanized steel is pre-painted for maximum longevity.

Classic Series: Single Stage

The Classic Series was engineered for performance, comfort and energy conservation. The units feature a condensing system that reduces cooling costs. SEER ratings are as high as 16.5, and the central Rheem air conditioners contain an environmentally-friendly refrigerant. The cabinet is designed for exterior installations. The top grill is reinforced with steel to provide maximum protection. In addition, the cabinets are powder painted to ensure a long life span.

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