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AC Tune-Up

What is an A/C tune-up and why is it recommended?
Preventative maintenance and tune-ups help to ensure longer life to the system, as well as, keeping it running at peak performance and maximum efficiency.

Aztil‘s Tune-Up includes:

  • Calibrate Thermostat for Maximum
  • Lubricate Fan Motors
  • Check Ait Temp Differential
  • Diagnose Power Consumption
  • Install New Filter/Replace & Clean (for proper air flow)
  • Electronically Measure Amperage On All Motors & Compressor
  • Clean & Remove Any Debris From Condenser Coil
  • Check All Electrical Connections for Lose or Burned Wires, Tighten All Caps
  • Adjust and Balance All Registers Throughout the House
  • Monitor Refrigerant Level
  • Check Heating Elements
  • Run Heat Cycle & System Analysis
  • Secure Fan Blades/Check Relays & contractors
  • Evaluate & Inspect Duct Work for Mold & Leaks
  • Completely Seal Unit Airtight
  • Replace Screws if Missing
  • Complete Compressor Diagnosis
  • Check Disconnect Box
  • Check Fuse Cartridge
  • Clean Evaporator Drain Line, Remove All Sludge & Debris
  • Vacuum Drain Pan
  • Add Algae Tablets